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The views and experiences listed on this page are personal, and their claims are not to be viewed at face value as an appropriate substitute for treatment recommended by your doctor or physician. While Stigma Roots stands behind its brand claims, we recognize that everyone is unique and that cannabis affects each of us differently. Please understand the risks associated with switching from prescribed treatments to any alternative, including Stigma Roots, comes with risks that should not be taken lightly. 



Most often I use Stigma Roots balm to ease the pain in arthritic joints in my hands.  However, I have also used it for burns and the relief is almost instantaneous. I've recommended it to friends and family for a variety of uses, and the feedback is always incredible!


I've used Stigma Roots balm for neck pain. It's replaced tiger balm for me.

Great topical application in the deodorant stick. It doesn't stain, smell bad, or burn when you get it in your eyes like tiger balm.

I bought one for each of my family members over the holidays and they've each commented back that it worked the same for them and they love it.

CHAD, 40

My whole family uses the Stigma Rots creams for a variety of dry skin, burns or rash treatment. We keep a jar in both of the kids' rooms, and one in every bathroom. 

It seems like every time we run out of something that treats an ailment, we discover that these balms work even better. I recommend them for anyone, regardless of age or issue. 


CARA, 34

I use Stigma Roots on my dry skin and love that it isn't greasy. Just a little bit lasts a long time and even my children ask for it by name when they are feeling itchy or irritated. 


I have been using the Root Balm on my skin morning and night. My acne is clear for the first time in years! I use the Root Balm for muscles aches after a long day. I use the Root Balm on my hairless cat for her skin sensitivities.


I have found that the Root Balm is great to promote healing of burns, cuts and rashes. I wish I could have tried a product like this years ago. Highly recommend having this Root Balm in your medicine cabinet.  

FRED, 71

I keep a jar in the tractor for whenever I get sore or dried out hands. It hasn't failed me yet! 



I use this balm on everything from burns, to cuts to skin rashes and even as my lip balm in a pinch. It really is a miraculous product!


I have been dealing with skin sensitivities my whole life.

I have been to Doctor after Doctor, who have giving me all sorts of medications that make me feel ill. The Doctors consistent solution for my skin sensitivities are to continue with the oral medications. I have spent so much time testing out different products for my acne and have had no success. Until I tried out Stigma'sRoot Balm.


I've used Stigma Roots balm for my arthritis and inflammation pain. It really works!

As a nurse, for years discomfort in my hands and knees have made everyday life and work increasingly more difficult. Doctors gave me pills, but I found I was taking them more and more with less results. Two applications of this balm and I already felt relief. I've used it for months now with no complaints. 

JEAN, 39

I've used the Roots balm anytime I've had sore muscles from either working out or having slept funny - the effects are almost instantaneous, it soothes and relaxes and smells amazing!


My husband is a letter carrier who walks 14km a day and comes home on many occasions with different ailments such as sore shoulders caused by carrying the heavy mail bag or sore achilles from all the walking - a quick rub of the balm and in no time he feels relief.  He has now suggested it to many of his letter carrier co-workers and they all love it!  Since it is used almost daily, it is reassuring to find a natural product that works!

MIKE, 42

I started using Stigma Roots balm for my tennis elbow  after several creams prescribed by my doctor failed to provide the relief I was seeking. 

A friend of mine from work suggested that I try a small sample of the Stigma Roots balm, and after a single application I noticed a difference. Now I use it after workouts and strenuous activity to relieve sore muscles, and it also acts as an incredibly effective dry skim moisturizer in the dry winter months. 

GLEN, 41

My 13 year old son broke his Tibia a few months back playing floor hockey; it was a compound fracture. He had surgery to repair the break and it had left a good size scar.
After doing some research and asking questions regarding the Balm my wife and I had him start applying the Balm nightly. To our surprise after just two short weeks we noticed the scars were healing very fast. It has been almost three months now and the scar is hardly noticeable. Since this worked we have been applying it on cuts , lips , dry skin , sore muscles, and my daughter is now using it to help prevent acne and it has been working wonders. Our family are all using this wonderful product and we will keep using it in the future. 

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